Quality and Integrity

Scriptures4us knows the importance of quality and integrity to the longevity of a company. Our Nutritional Products are manufactured using FDA-approved, GMP compliant facility and are proud members of the NPA and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Scriptures manufacture  continues to expand it's in-house and independent lab testing in order to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards that you and your customers have come to expect.

All of our Nutritional Products are produced under climate-controlled conditions in FDA-inspected facilities operating under Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). We are licensed and are inspected by State and Federal health authorities. Scriptures4us manufacturer subscribes to the following processes every day to assure you receive the quality products you deserve.

Document and Record Control — The Quality Control department  is responsible for maintaining all documents, records and Standard Operating Procedures-, (SOP’s) making sure that they are up to date. We monitor all phases of production to assess performance and adherence to GMP and to the SOPs of each department.

Supplier Qualification – An audit program to verify our suppliers’ ability to provide consistent products that meet our strict quality requirements. All incoming ingredients conform to standards of purity and effectiveness and meet or exceed the GMP guidelines. No ingredient is received at our manufacturing facility unless it is in accurately labeled packaging with tamper-evident seals. All incoming shipments must be accompanied by full documentation, including independent Certificate of Laboratory Analysis, and corresponding PO # (SIDI).

Ingredient and Finished Product Testing Methods - They are implementing the FDA testing protocol per the new GMP Guidelines. They also are improving their analytical laboratory testing procedures to assure the identity and potency of the ingredients in every Scriptures supplement. This includes full service testing, microbiological and stability studies.

When you purchase any of our Nutritional Products you can know that you are getting ... "BEST of the BEST"


Our Skin, Bath, Shower and Body Lotion Products

All of our skin care products are "Professional Grade" and are light years away from over the counter products. Scriptures products have the same quality ingredients that Professional Skin Care Specialist use and sell to their clients. All of our skin care products are made from the finest ingredients on planet earth and contain NO harsh ingredients that will damage your skin.

Our skin care products are filled with vitamins, nourishing botanicals, lipids, proteins, enzymes, camphor, witch hazel, calendula, tea tree, cucumber, sage, rosemary and thyme and other natural ingredients that will make your skin glow and keep it younger looking.

All of our skin care products are formulated to sooth your skin and maintain proper PH levels. All of formulas are ideal for normal, oily-problem or dry skin that beginning to show signs of aging.

Your skin is the largest organ in you body, so take care of it by using our Scriptures Skin, Bath, Shower and Body Lotion Products.

As the old saying goes ... "You're Worth It!!!

Product Testimonies

From a Christian Olympic Gold Medal Winner - "As a two (2) time Olympic Gold Medal winner and seven (7) time National Champion in  weightlifting, I know everything about nutritional and how important it is to become healthy. I thought I had seen all the best supplementation the industry had to offer, until now. Scriptures4us Products are "Best of the Best" and are in a class of it's own!”

Charles Vinci - Two (2) time Olympic Gold Medal Winner

  • From a Sport Medicine Graduate - "In an age of the Billion dollar nutritional supplement explosion you have managed to introduce us to the Most Powerful, best tasting liquid multi-vitamin on the planet.As a Sports Medicine Graduate with a four year Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University and a Sports Medicine Professional, I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve as both a Coach and Medical Team member at several National and International Sports competitions. I thought I had seen all the best supplementation the industry had to offer, until now. PhytoGold is in a class of it's own!

                 David Hillger - Holly Michigan 

  • Personal Testimonies About some of our other Products and Bible Lessons

"First, I really enjoyed our conversation the other day and as promised, I've given thought as to why your Scriptures4us CDs are so important to me.  In a way, it's like E=MC2.  I know what it means but I do not understand it and thus I cannot apply it. I was baptized in 1931 and have been a Christian all my life.  But I've always been aware that my knowledge of the Bible, Christ and Christianity did not guarantee my understanding of what I knew. But when the Student is ready, the Master appears. And that's what the CDs mean to me.  Because of your ability, your knowledge, your understanding and your phenomenal ability to communicate, MY understanding continues to increase each time I play one (and I do play them frequently - both in my home and in my car).
Max Huber - North Hill CA

"I would like to say that I am very impressed with your Scriptures4us nutritional supplement.  From the very first day I started taking PhytoGold I had more energy and overall I was feeling better and better as I kept taking it.  One of the things I noticed was my left knee was pain free when I would go down the stairs.  It had been bothering me for quite some time as I would bend my knee to step down and now it's almost pain free. Also, when I exercise I noticed that I  have more energy and stamina. Thank you for a wonderful nutritional supplement. "
Mike Hamor - Grinell IA

For many years before I began using it, I had a patch of dry skin on my forehead. I spent thousands of dollars on doctors and specialists and for lotions and potions trying to get rid of that dry patch. Within two weeks after I started using the Lotus Flower Ginseng Toner that patch of dry skin was gone and it has never reappeared!  Nope, don't ask me to give up my Lotus Flower Ginseng Skin Toner!  One bottle lasts me almost six months.A few months later I began using the Scriptures4us  Prosmate. I have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hypertrophy (an enlarged prostate) for many years. Some of you men know what that means. The Prosmate seems to keep that problem under complete control!  Don't ask me to give up my Prosmate, either!”
Bill Boylan of South Dakota

“For several years I was challenged with “floaters.” They appear as black spots or dots “dancing” just in front of the eye or eyes.  I went to my eye doctor, a well-known and highly respected specialist in my area and  was told nothing could done. Just tolerate it. Well, after joining Scriptures4us  I purchased a bottle each of Eye Safe and Eye Bright. After I began taking these two (2) products the floaters  ...DISAPPEARED .  Wow! I must say, however, I don’t know which of the products or perhaps the combination, gave such a good result. I really don’t care ‘cause the floaters are gone – that was a couple of years ago – and they haven’t come back since! Thank you Scriptures4us!
Dean Tomlinson - Georgia. 

"I LOVE Scriptures4us Relaxing Shower Gel. Since I've been using it I can't believe how good my skin feels and looks. I can't live without it and always order 3 or 4 bottles so I never run out. I love the smell too."
Ernie Asselin - Washington

"A friend of mine asked me for months to try the Scriptures4us Skin Care Products. Since I was already a distributor for another skin care company I never ever thought that I would find anything better. Boy was I wrong! After trying Scriptures4us Skin Care Products“, I have one word for them. Awesome! I am now a Member of Scriptures4us ... Praise God!!!

Laurie Flasher - Ohio


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